WordPress and Photoshop: A Match Made in Heaven

If your job is tied to any of the web-related job titles, the odds are that you are familiar with both WordPress and Photoshop. As a little reminder, let me say that WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and Photoshop is a very powerful image editing software.

But what ties these two together and why they are a match made in heaven? To provide you answers to these questions, I have to take you through some scenarios where using both can help you position your website better online and improve your brand awareness.


Speed Up Your WordPress

Speed Up Your WordPress

The size of the images on your WordPress website has a great impact on the speed of your website. So, when it comes to images, there are two things to take care of: their audience engagement potential and their size. Not caring about their size can have catastrophic effects for your business.

User interface of WordPress CMS is very intuitive and easy to use, even for people with no previous technical knowledge and images can be easily added to articles or any other pages on the website. Before uploading them, you have to make sure that they are optimized for the web. And this is where Photoshop comes in handy.

There are two settings which you can manipulate to get good image quality and a small file size – compression and image file format. Two formats that are the most optimal for web performance are PNG and JPEG. While PNG provides more quality for the image, the file size is large. On the other hand, JPEG has a very small file size, but the image quality is also lower.

In order to optimize your images for web, start your Photoshop application and open the image you want to upload. Then you want to click on File and choose the option Save for Web & Device. You will gain access to a save screen where you can choose different quality options.


Build a Highly Customized WordPress Website

The ultimate WordPress-Photoshop synergy can be seen in theme building. This is where the creativity and technical knowledge meet to make great results. Did you know that you can create a website in Photoshop and then export it as a theme for WordPress? Yes, this is possible and we will explain how you can do it and point out certain aspects you need to pay attention to.

Since making a theme for WordPress is a long and complicated process which also requires a profound knowledge of Photoshop, we will try to keep it very short and simple. If this topic has your attention, feel free to watch dozens of in-depth tutorials on how to start making WordPress themes.

First make sure to define typography, colors and commonly used elements by using Photoshop CC libraries. If you do so, you won’t need to use the “duplicate layer” trick, nor will you have to create new elements from scratch. This way, you will decrease the time needed for design, increase consistency through the entire theme and make it easier for anyone to contribute to your theme design.

If you want to make WordPress developers truly love you, you should most definitely use the Generate Assets command. This way you will allow quick export of images inside layers of your PSD file. This method is far more effective than the legacy “image slicing” one. You can access this feature by clicking File>Generate>Image Assets.

The organization is another important aspect of WordPress theme design. If you don’t want to make the mess out of things, make sure to have descriptive names for both layers and groups. When we are naming layers and layer groups, we usually give them names that resemble their purpose and connection to the entire design. And we like to keep this consistent in all our projects.


Use WordPress to Create Portfolio Website

Use WordPress to Create Portfolio Website

WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform. Today it is much more than that. WordPress CMS is one of the most popular CMSs online, powering tens of millions of website, among which you can find blogs, business websites, forums, portfolios and image galleries. Since it is easy to use, photographers gladly pick it up as a platform for making portfolio websites.

Currently, there are thousands upon thousands of photography WordPress themes that you can choose from. The general advice is to always choose a theme that has good support, is highly customizable, and whose developer has announced that it will be updated for upcoming versions of WordPress. Usually, these themes have beautiful and advanced image galleries, so that you can upload and showcase your photography.

If you are a photographer, portfolio website can boost your career. This is why we have a rising number of wedding photography website portfolios. If you visit websites of some of the most popular wedding photographers, you can see that their photos are not only artistic but that their images are most definitely photo edited. If you are not skilled with Photoshop to do image post-processing, you can outsource photo editing services to a company that specializes in this.


Besides using Photoshop to make your WordPress website faster, using it to make a completely customized theme or using it to make your photography even more attractive, there are much more connections between these two. If you want to discover them, feel free to visit some of the renowned design blogs or watch YouTube guide videos.

WordPress and Photoshop: A Match Made in Heaven
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