30+ Fresh Slab Serif Fonts For Your Project

Thick and bold fonts are very popular as these give a historic look. Slab serif font is one such font which is a type of serif typeface characterized by thick, block-like serifs.  However, the term Egyptian had previously been used to describe sans-serif types in England, so the term ‘Antique’ was used by British and American type founders. Serif terminals may be either blunt or angular (Rockwell), or rounded (Courier). These fonts are very versatile and used in various context. The collection which we are sharing is very popular and attractive.

If you were in hunt of such font, than your search ends with our today’s post at TGZ. Because of their bold appearance, they are most commonly used in large headlines and advertisements but are seldom used in body text.

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Find the desirable font from the list, use it in your content making it to be a perfect fit. So go through to our post on “30+ Fresh Slab Serif Fonts For Your Project”


Slab Serif fonts

Randall is a hand-drawn slab serif font that will add a quirky charm to your work. What makes it special is an OpenType feature that automatically makes double letters look different, so that your text looks genuinely hand-drawn.


Luxe Font

Slab Serif fonts

Great Typeface with a Luxury Style, Fashion & Elegant.


Stendo Extended Regular

Slab Serif fonts

Neo retro wide font that doesn’t lock you down to western style. Works remarkably well even at small print and digital sizes.


Taluhla Font

Slab Serif fonts

Taluhla is lovely handwritten font with a matching set of borders. It is unique, elegant and easy to read. It can be best used for invitations, greeting cards, posters, advertising, film, weddings, books, menus and anytime you would like to express yourself kindly.


Typnic Headline Slab

slab serif fonts

Typnic font system gather many fonts with different flavors too, and you can enjoy them mixed or on their own. Typnic Headline Slab is just a piece created to complement the Typnic font system and as in the first headline version it comes in six layered fonts that can be mixed in a powerful variety of combinations to obtain outstanding texts.


Handmade Barn Door font

slab serif fonts

Full alphabet of handmade letters. Containing 2 versions, numbers and icons.


Roble Complete Family

slab serif fonts

Roble is a Slab Serif Font, from a mix between Andes and Sanchez, following a harmony with both fonts one sans and one serif with a fresh and dynamic result.


Father Typeface

Slab Serif fonts

Father Typeface is a modern-slab serif font for display or medium look bodytext. Inspired by retro restaurant style.


Winchester Condensed Font

Slab Serif fonts

This font is designed to recreate old typography and is best for logos and insignia designs. This font contains 4 sets of glyphs.


Lunchbox Slab

Slab Serif fonts

Lunchbox Slab is the pair of Lunchbox, a uniquely hand-drawn typeface that gives infinite customizable options and a fully authentic look. The serifs in Lunchbox Slab are simple blocks, with bulbous terminals on curved letters, which creates a unique effect.


Cowboy Western

Slab Serif fonts

Cowboy Western is based on an old Slab Serif font from the late 1800s.


Thistle Creek Font

slab serif fonts

A little vintage-western touch can go a looong way in getting trendy.



Slab Serif fonts

Jackham is a handmade typeface with approachment to the oldschool tattoo hand lettering feel, with handmade jaggy feel and the impefections on it, comes with 2 styles, clean and rough. Good for your flash tattoo design concept, or the art concept with illustration stuff on it.


Grazioso Font

Slab Serif fonts

Retro/Vintage/Classic style custom font with regular and shadow version – 2 shadow alternatives.


Maxwell Slab Intro

Slab Serif fonts

Maxwell Slab is a clean condensed slab serif typeface. It comes in regular and small caps versions, includes custom italics, stylistic alternatives, letter style variations, discretionary ligatures and multiple languages; Cyrillic, Greek, Latin and other Western and Central European languages and works either as a headline font or paragraph text.



Slab Serif fonts

Commando, quite easily one of the most popular war typefaces kicks some serious ass! This unique armytype font contains 26 solitary characters and 10 distinct numerals. This font is perfect for all war, military, army and worst case scenarios including courageous logo styles, valorous headers, typographic posters.


Stand By

Slab Serif fonts

Stand By is a condensed slab display typeface. It’s strong appearance will be useful when creating commanding titles and headlines that demand attention. Stand By is a slightly condensed face, but has the thickness to provide all the stability you need.



slab serif fonts

Mongo. A new Western Style slab


RNS Camelia

slab serif fonts

RNS Camelia, it’s a slab serif font with geometric flavor and a strong personality.


Circle Line Font

Slab Serif fonts

Circle Line Suarnegara Font, An all-caps. Includes a full character and number. Should be used at 12 pt. recommendation that is used to design the theme of the future and technology.


Lev Serif Handdrawn

Slab Serif fonts

Hand drawn variation of Lev Serif.


1654 Brown Street – Fonts

slab serif fonts

1654 Brown Street is a experimentation of street culture. The radius of the font is the same thant the old street marker.


AZ Mavericks

Slab Serif fonts

AZ Mavericks was inspired from old Retro 70’s Skateboard logo’s. This font was designed for use as a fun bold headline.


1913 Typewriter OTF

slab serif fonts

This font was patterned from the keyboard of a genuine old 1913 small portable typewriter.


Wide Display Complete

Slab Serif fonts

Wide Display is a slab-serif design with numerous alternatives and loaded with decorative elements.


AZ Storm

slab serif fonts

AZ Storm was inspired from old ’70’s skateboard logo. This font was designed for use as a fun bold headline.


Cavole Slab

Slab Serif fonts

Cavole Slab is a new slab serif, designed in early 2011, that has a strong influence from Dutch typography. The name is an altered form of the Portuguese word for feather, emphasizing the typeface’s soft and friendly character. Slab serifs give this face plenty of impact and make it an excellent choice for contemporary designers. The font family includes a very dark and powerful black all the way down to a hairline thin weight, giving a tremendous versatility. The family also features dynamic italics that add plenty of emphasis and momentum.

Cavole Slab is suitable for both headline and text settings and should easily find its place in a number of different settings, from corporate identity to magazine body copy.


Sancoale Slab Soft

Slab Serif fonts

Crafted from Sancoale’s simple geometry, new softened slab serifs provide a lively typeface that conveniently enhances its cousins: Sancoale Softened–a sans with blunted terminals; Sancoale Slab; and, certainly, the first Sancoale. The weights of each and every member are balanced diligently to be compatible with one another. When used alongside one another, the combination makes for robust and tight design.


Sommet Slab Rounded

Slab Serif fonts

Sommet Slab is the latest in the Sommet series, designed as a slab serif companion to Sommet Rounded. The typeface features slightly wider counters to accommodate the serifs and this more generous whitespace allows the typeface to display well on-screen and as a webfont.


Antique X Condensed

slab serif fonts

A classic font design remastered by the type foundry Intellecta Design. Distressed and antique, use this font in display purposes for a stylized type design. Contains a limited amount of letter designs, works best when used for headers and set manually.



slab serif fonts

Factoria is a geometric, square slab. The hard-working family can jump from the side of an industrial building and into a sports magazine in a jiffy. The lighter weights exhibit a clean, no-nonsense vibe while the thicker weights exude strength and character.



Slab Serif fonts

This is a modern, monoline slab serif fit for the 21st century.

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