15 Popular Responsive Gradients for Your Upcoming Project

Gradients let you display smooth transitions between two or more specified colors. There are different types of gradients available on internet. We are sharing the best bundle of gradients in our post. These gradients are among those paid gradients which have esteemed quality and reputation. Earlier, you had to use images for these effects. However, by using photoshop gradients you can reduce download time and bandwidth usage. In addition, elements with gradients look better when zoomed, because the gradient is generated by the browser. Explore the vast features of these gradients.

These gradients will help you improvise your work ten folds. Gradient does that entire tough job for you and at ease enjoy the success of your work, project.So select the suitable from our list on “15 Popular Responsive Gradients for Your Upcoming Project”.

2000+ Photoshop Gradients

popular gradients

More than 2000 High Quality Photoshop Gradients in different themes Festival, Grunge, Metallic, Golden, Glossy, Black, Wooden, Skin, Mix, Vintage and More. These are not repeated gradients. You will get only useful gradients .


Retro Colors Gradients #2

popular gradients

12 retro colors gradients #2 special


Vector Gradients

popular gradients

There are 15 Vector Gradients Topics and 210 Objects to use.


Gradient Styles

popular gradients

9 Colourful Gradients.


“Washed Away” Gradients

popular gradients

“Washed Away” it’s a collection of Photoshop gradients perfect for adding some atmospheric touches to your photos.


140 Effects gradient map pack

popular gradients

140 Gradients for your daily use. These are really good if you plan on creating some color effects on images but not only, it’s really up to you. Plus you can take these and create even more specifically for your needs.


36 Spring Fresh fineart Gradients

popular gradients

36 fine art color gradients that I often use in my daily work with textures. They are designed to enhance landscapes, misty sceneries and more.


60 Pastel Gradients

popular gradients

60 useful pastel gradients.


Sky Gradients

popular gradients

25 great sky gradients for photoshop, all colors well-combined.



popular gradients

20 beautiful gradients of sunsets and sunrises.


“Vintage Lights” Gradients

popular gradients

“Vintage Lights” it’s a collection of Photoshop gradients perfect for adding vintage atmosphere to your photos.


IOS 8 Gradients Styles

popular gradients

IOS 8 Gradients Styles.


85 Modern Photoshop Gradients

popular gradients

This collection consists of 85 Photoshop Gradients that can be applied on PSD buttons, logos, backgrounds, forms and other web graphics to give them a modern look.


51 Autumn Gradients

popular gradients

51 autumn gradients special.


140 Image enhancing gradients

popular gradients

140 Gradients for your daily use. These are really good for images, for enhancing them, for adding them a bit of style. However, you can use them for other purposes as well.


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