Remotely Monitor Your Computer From an Android Device [How To]

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In today’s segment we are sharing “How To Remotely Monitor Your Computer From an Android Device ”. Are you a person who is regularly on outside visits and have to be away from your personal computer at home or at office? If yes, then our today’s post will proof a great help for you to monitor your PC by android devices in your hand. All you need to monitor is a powerful guide, an android device with 3G or 4G internet. So we will guide you through this article, continue reading to learn more on this.

So here is how to do it :-

monitor your pc from android

  • Ensure that you have Android 2.1 or higher.
  • Download and install PC Monitor from Google play store on your Android device. [Link]
  • Download and install PC Monitor Manager from on your computer.
  • Create user account on PC Monitor Manager. Do remember user credentials before creating account as it will be used to manage more than one PC.
  • Validate your account through a verification link delivered to your inbox.
  • Configure PC Monitor Manager on your PC.
  • Now locate PC Monitor icon on your Android device and launch the application, you will see a prompt for username and password, login with user credentials of your ‘PC Monitor Manager’ account.
  • Now start monitoring your PC.
  • For multiple PC’s , repeat steps 3-6 as many PC’s you wish. You don’t need to create account each time as well.
Remotely Monitor Your Computer From an Android Device [How To]
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