25 Popular Script Fonts For Your Project

Fonts are important to every designer and graphic developers. The designing of any personal or commercial purpose work requires fonts. Choosing perfect fonts itself is tedious and is tough to find. We at TGZ decided to do that part for you by selecting the best script fonts.

We are sharing the good ones with the assured high quality fonts. Since script fonts are based on the fluid stokes of natural hand writing, they’re a great way to add a personal touch to a design.

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These scripted fonts of different styles will help you in both personal and commercial purposes. The elegant collection presented by us will give desired look to your work.

So select your favorites from our post on “25 Popular Script Fonts For Your Projects“.


Crafty Script

script fonts

Crafty script, Calligraphy series typeface. Natural handlettered style with beautiful uppercase and unique alternative letters.


Everglow Script

script fonts

Everglow Script is a retro script font, bold, classic and fun vintage script.Can be used for various purposes.such as logos, wedding invitation, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, news, posters, badges etc.


Font Bundle

script fonts

Fantastic bundle of 4 fonts at brilliant value. Joella is a brand new brush script font with alternates and multilingual glyphs! The thickness of this font makes it great for use with fills such as gold, watercolor, glitter, etc.


Veryberry Script

script fonts

Veryberry is a handwritten font with a unique character. Full of open type features, is best used in an open type aware software. Most diacritics are included and the font can be used with most of the European languages.


Wanderlust Letters

script fonts

Wanderlust is a beautiful hand painted script that comes with a set of extras. All letters have been carefully painted giving your words a wonderful flow. Wanderlust can be used for fashion, apparel, stationery, magazines, film, books and marketing.


Palm Canyon Drive

script fonts

Palm Canyon Drive is a monoline script inspired by retro matchbook covers, travel postcards, Tikki bars and Hollywood.


Smitten Script

script fonts

Smitten Typeface is a hand-inked, ‘semi-script’ font with tight kerning, and a fun, imperfect baseline. It’s nice and bold, plus a little gritty – Perfect for creating organic, fluid typography on products, branding, invitations, fliers, posters and more.


Smoothy – Cursive Script & Sans

script fonts

SMOOTHY is a 2 font family with a mono weight cursive script and a complementary subtly rounded sans-serif. Based on my most popular hand lettered style, give your work that stylish hand rendered look, with no effort. Works great applied to logos, prints, quotes, magazine headers, clothing.



script fonts

This font has tt ligature feature.


Ashley Brush Script

script fonts

“Ashley Brush Script” was completely handwritten using watercolors and a calligraphy brush. Rough edges and imperfect lines give this brush lettered font a unique and trendy look. Perfect for wedding invitations, adding design accents, and giving your projects a coveted hand-crafted look.


Heart & Soul Typeface

script fonts

Heart & Soul Typeface – a new fresh & hearty, hand-lettered script.


Pretty Script

script fonts

Pretty Script is handlettered font. It is an elegant, yet whimsically handwritten calligraphy font that was created with readability in mind. It uses open-type features to assist with letter flow and to give each creation that modern and hand-lettered touch.


Adelicia Script

script fonts

Adelicia Script is a stylish calligraphy font that features a varying baseline, smooth line, classic and elegant touch. Can be used for various purposes.such as headings, signature, logos, wedding invitation, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, lable, news, posters, badges etc.


script fonts

Steady is a script typeface with personality. It was designed as a display typeface that contains 315 glyphs in total and 126 alternative characters to improve your design. You can use it as a logo, badge, insignia, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt/apparel, greeting card, and wedding invitation.


Butterscotch Typeface

script fonts

A beautifully organic, hand-lettered script, carefully crafted and then digitised into an easy to use, elegant yet ‘inky’, typeface.


Manhattan Darling Typeface


script fonts

Manhattan Darling Typeface was created as a dual-purpose font, with gritty, imperfect, hand-painted characters and an irregular baseline. Use the uppercase portion (Manhattan) to create a bold, organic hand-painted typography (see wine bottle preview), or use the lowercase portion (Darling) for beautiful branding, logo designs, invitations, wedding elements, etc.


Sugar Plums Script

script fonts

Sugar Plums is a new hand made font for 2015. Available for both personal and commercial use. Download and use Sugar Plums Script for anything and everything.


Stringfellows Typeface

script fonts

Every stroke is made with love and attention…the same love and attention any doting illustrator gives to any unique art piece.


Candlescript Pro

script fonts

The Candlescript Pro font has a script and italic style. The body text of Candlescript font has been designed with high details, precisely, smooth and flow, so it is perfect used as a logotype, custom typeface, tittle, header, or any kind of advertisements purpose.


Aura Blue, Modern Calligraphy Font

script fonts

349 glyphs included, with swashes alternative characters, smooth line font, suitable for any design needs, modern design, branding, stationery design, blog design, modern advertising design, invitation, wedding, special events, any lettering needs and more.

Helena Font

script fonts

Helena is perfectly suited to stationery, logos and much more.


Faith & Glory

script fonts

Faith and Glory is a set of 2 hand-painted brush fonts, designed to perfectly combine with one another and allow you to create beautiful typography with a personal touch.



script fonts

Bonjour comes with alternate upper and lowercase characters, and supports international languages.


Melika Script

script fonts

Melika script is copperplate handwritten with stylish modern free flowing up and down as if playing jumping on a trampoline but still beautiful with its simplicity. Especially long lines add elegance.



script fonts

Flamingo is handwritten modern script calligraphy font with numerous alternates. You are welcome to use it for various purposes: logo, wedding invitation, headings, signatures, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, labels, posters etc.


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