10+ Useful PHP Code Snippets for Developers

Every PHP developer, programmer and web developer requires php snippets as these offer a variety of handy functions which can ultimately end up saving you time. The other way to explain code snippet is that these are a set of commands that can help you save time fulfilling laser-precision tasks in the quickest possible way.

The PHP code snippets have friendly structure which makes them easy to use. Every good developer need to be more productive and give quick results for which to have a set of resourceful snippets is necessary for specific task. At TGZ we are sharing some “Useful PHP Code Snippets for Developers” which contains innumerable useful php code snippets which every developer needs to have in their “toolbox”.

So have a look on “10+ Useful PHP Code Snippets for Developers”. 

Using PHPMailer To Send HTML Emails With Images



Get Country By IP Address in PHP


Get users’ IP Address with PHP


Get short urls for Twitter with PHP


Short URL Function with PHP



url, email and ip validation with php



username, password and date validation with php


Unzip a Zip File


Generate An Authentication Code in PHP


Validate email Address


WordPress – Scheduling Posts for RSS


Facebook Comments for WordPress


The Real Way To Check Uploaded File Type


10+ Useful PHP Code Snippets for Developers
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