20 Useful Photoshop Brushes for Designers

Brushes are an essential tool in designing. these brushes can be used for personal as well as commercial use designing. Every artist requires good quality of brushes for designing websites in the way they planned. Each one of the selected brushes in our today’s post is best of its kind. These design flourishing brushes can help you save lot of time. These are the collection of individual elements required for perfect design in a single brush format.

The huge variety of brushes are available on the web, we are sharing the most successful and popular collection of brushes. You can make your creativity a reality by selecting the brushes from our today’s list on “20 Useful Photoshop Brushes for Designers”.

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Art Nouveau Frames & Ornaments

popular brushes

The collection features intricately-detailed floral frames, borders, ornaments and decorative accents. Mix and match them to create your own stunning vintage designs.


113 Hi-Res Watercolour Brushes

popular brushes

These high resolution Photoshop brushes are perfect for small print projects. They vary in size – from 600px to 2300px, so you can create all kinds of backgrounds, patterns, photo frames and many more. You can then print them on cards, tees or on any other printing surface that can benefit from a gentle messy touch.


RetroSupply 2 – Photoshop Kit

popular brushes

A totally new collection of retro goodness inspired by the original RetroSupply.


The Cartoonist Brushes

popular brushes

More than a hundred and fifty brushes & tools for graphic artists, cartoonists, animators and everyone that loves to draw with black inks, water and experimental materials. ‘The cartoonist brushes’ includes from classic clear lines to the emulation of vintage line styles (Searle, Provensen, Pratt, DePatie, Breccia, etc.), from the dirtiness of the Dry Point technique to the AMAZING and never more realistic “INK WASHING”effect! and more… crosshatching, graphito, splatters, texturing, etc. You’ll find yourself enjoying and making your job more effective with these proven tools.


AD Screentones

popular brushes

This special brushes (ABR) were created to reproduce the screentone technique, which is traditionally used for applying mechanical textures and shades to drawings, used as an alternative to hatching. ‘AD Screentones’ isn’t just a collection but almost a factory of screentones.


Shaky inks – brushes for Illustrator

popular brushes

Shaky inks are another useful brushes for Adobe Illustrator from Guerillacraft.


Rope Brushes

popular brushes

These six Illustrator Rope brushes will make a great addition to your design arsenal. Each brush comes in two varieties: regular and torn ended. Inside and outside corner tiles are also included.


Dust, Powder and Particle Brushes

popular brushes

35 High Resolution Realistic Dust, Powder and Particle Brushes for Photoshop. Package includes 2 versions for Photoshop CS2-3-4-5 (2500px Brushes) and Photoshop CS6-CC (5000px Brushes).


Megapack: 140+ Real Art PS Brushes

popular brushes

These brushes will leave your competition in the dust as you draw and paint your way to glory! This set is available as a single download (one .tpl file) at a discounted price of only $14. Every medium is covered: oils, inks, pencils, pastels, gouache, drybrush and watercolor. The natural media effects in this set are unmatched – over 100,000 illustrators are now using these tools, including pros at Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, Marvel, Laika, and Google! It’s a no brainer – get the MegaPack today and rule the digital art universe.


RM Creative Stylus

popular brushes

About 500 all purpose Photoshop art brushes collection for stylus.


Line Art Ink Brushes

popular brushes

Does this sound familiar to you, you find some lovely vector brushes that works quite well on long lines. But if you are working on a detailed illustration or line art like portraits etc. that contains many short or even thick lines all you got is some extremly jacked and cracked rough lines. Thats because the same amount of grunge you see on long lines has to be fitted in less space.



popular brushes

This professional Illustrator brush BUNDLE contains 792 high quality classic, ink, brush, pencil, coal, pastels, flowmaster and many other brushes from 17 ProBrush packs intended for professional designers, illustrators and artists.



18 Line Art Brushes 4 SketchBook Pro

popular brushes

A set of customized SketchBook Pro brushes, ideal for creating line art illustration.


865 Brushes

popular brushes

This is a great bundle for totally insane price! Only 29$ for 865 Brushes!


99 Thick Industrial Paint Strokes

popular brushes

Each of the 99 HD brushes in this Photoshop Brush Set have been lovingly crafted by hand to give each brush a genuine, realistic and authentic feel, as well as being 100% unique.


71 HQ Spotlight Brushes for PS

popular brushes

71 Hi-Res Professional Spotlight Brushes for Photoshop. Rendered with real IES lights, converted into two separate abr’s (Photoshop Brush File) for CS2 to CS5 and CS6 to CC users.


Againts Alphabethical Brushes

popular brushes

Made with transparant ink & black tint without rasterize. create something different like a stamps, just click alpabhet brush to a canvas, you could rotate, minimize or maximize in brush option.


Vector Art Brush Bundle

popular brushes

These are essential for any vector artist who is looking to add an extra touch of hand-drawn, realism to their work.


Kyle’s REAL Watercolor for Photoshop

popular brushes

Photoshop CS5 or higher is required.


RM Shadow Me

popular brushes

RM Shadow ME! 2.0 PRO 16 bit brush collection and various Shadow tech actions bundle.


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