15 Creative Patriotic Fonts That Designers Must Know

We are here again with some best fonts for our visitors, but this time it’s especially for the American Independence Day. Americans are very eagerly waiting for their independence day which is on July 4.Creating patriotic banner is great fun as it includes various colorful red, white & blue fonts.

To make things easier and to find all the fonts in one place we have collected the best patriotic fonts for you. With these banners you can plan to design party invites in America-themed environment. These patriotic fonts can you creating your crafts, scrapbooks, home decor, table settings, or any patriotic projects. Now explore our list and add it to your project and you will find that they are worth their value.

Have a look on “15 Creative Patriotic Fonts That Designers Must Know”.

60 Fonts from the Civil War Era

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The first volume in the Printer’s Type Case series is the culmination of three years of research into the typography of the Civil War era, and features 60 of the most common fonts, ornaments, and borders used between the years 1850 and 1865. Every character has been scanned from the pages of original books and documents printed between 1848 and 1867 gathered from museums, private collections, and the Library of Congress. These fonts are ideal for museums, historical reenactors and living historians, graphic designers and all lovers of historical type.

Shelton Slab

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Shelton Slab is a Typeface with an eroded, printed look. The letters seem to be from different alphabets to support the wood type feeling. Every letter has an alternate character. Shelton Slab has an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European languages and also contains arrows and other special glyphs available through the OpenType contextual alternates feature.


Number Five Rough

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Number Five is pure Americana, suitable for titling, display, logo, signage, and editorial work. Its two versions, Smooth and Rough, are constructed similarly, yet imbued with distinct feelings and uses.


Barack Volume with 3 Styles

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Barack is a typographic tribute to the U.S. President Barack Obama. Barack has the characteristic style of a solid classical grotesque with American proportions. With its irregular contours Barack looks quite casual and young.


Western Grit hand made typeface

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Western Grit is a hand drawn typeface its distressed, messed up, with oodles of character. Like an poster or western sign.


Deputy Serif

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A Gentleman Rascal of a font. Serious but fun. Responsible but quirky. He is good enough to meet your parents and your friends. He has your back in a fight and adds class to your dinner parties.



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Athletico is a layered type family inspired by college and university sportswear lettering. Language support includes Western, Central and Eastern European character sets, as well as Baltic and Turkish languages.


GrandGibson Typeface

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GrandGibson Typeface is based and inspired by typography “Grays” in the official Jersey worn by “Homestead Grays Team” in the American Negro League of Baseball in 1937 and its name honors one of the most greatest catchers of the time, Joshua “Josh” Gibson.


Voltage Regular

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Voltage, created by award-winning typeface and lettering designer Laura Worthington, is an unexpected and energetic standout in the world of script fonts, breaking free from formal classifications while retaining the degree of personality we treasure in hand lettering.



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Broken in but none the worse for wear, Bootstrap and less distressed companion Bootstrap Alternate each have OpenType features that automatically substitute a unique pair of characters when any upper or lower case letter is keyed twice in a row, as well as features for Old Style Numerals and Small Caps.


Warrior – Hand Drawn Typeface

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it is inspired by the love of vintage, the outdoors and a time when everything was made by hand.



Wilder Family & Handdrawn Kit

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Wilder Typeface is another carefully hand-made font crafted with passion and love. You can use this font as creative as you want.


Brayden Family

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Brayden Family is Family font that include 3 weight on script fonts + 1 Sans serif fonts to create the beautiful combination.


Spokane Regular

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Spokane was inspired by a very old matchbook advertising a Washington coffee shop, which has long since been closed. Complete with all the idiosyncrasies of any mid-century hand set type, Spokane is the perfect face of any headline needing to be seen.


Church in the Wildwood Classic

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Church in the Wildwood, in a modern vintage style bringing you back to simpler times. A display font family with small caps as lowercase, this family will look beautiful as a headline or caption in your next invitation, poster, or menu.


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