9 Best CSS Framework For Web designers & Developers

Framework is a type of outline which is like a solid foundation for your project. CSS framework is thus the starting point for any website development work. The approach towards these pre-prepared libraries by the web designers increases as they can speed up your development process to manifold.

The CSS framework is literally very responsive which help you in designing web templates in few minutes. These frameworks have standardized set of concepts, practices and criteria for dealing with a common type of problem.CSS frameworks makes your designs compatible for any kind of devices like mobile and other gadgets.

The beginners with no knowledge of coding can even use these frameworks in creating websites. As a base and support for building websites development the CSS framework comes with a package containing files and folders with standardized code. These structural CSS frameworks will help you in avoiding starting the work from scratch.

So here is the list of “9 Best CSS Framework For Web designers & Developers”.



Less Framework

css frameworks for web design

Less Framework is a front-end framework for creating responsive designs. Less Framework focuses on minimal designs.




css frameworks for web design

Skeleton is a simple and clean responsive CSS framework for HTML5 websites and apps. Some notable features include

  • Responsive layout grid
  • Standard media queries for your device-specific CSS style properties
  • CSS class for responsive image elements that scale with the layout grid
  • PSD template for mocking up your web designs
  • HTML5 shiv for old web browsers.




css frameworks for web design

Foundation is a popular responsive front-end CSS framework. With this modern HTML5, rapid-prototyping capabilities, a responsive grid system and much more, this framework has become an obvious choice for web designers. Foundation is developed by ZURB, a company of product designers focused on providing web-based solutions.



css frameworks for web design


CreateJS is a collection of open source JavaScript libraries and tools for creating rich, interactive HTML5 content. It consists of 5 modular JavaScript libraries. You can implement animation effects, HTML5 audio in your site, and much more.



css frameworks for web design

SproutCore is a front-end framework for building HTML5 apps/websites rapidly. It follows the MVC architecture pattern and promises users to craft unique designs without any prior knowledge of CSS.




css frameworks for web design

Zebra is a rich UI open source framework that use HTML5 canvas. Zebra says that using it “isn’t rocket science” and that you can get started in 5 minutes.



css frameworks for web design

Bootstrap is a popular front-end CSS development framework. It has most of the things you’ll need for developing responsive sites and apps.

  • 12-grid responsive layout
  • 13 custom jQuery plugins
  • Bootstrap customizer
  • Well documented
  • Plenty of coverage in blogs and tutorial sites.


HTML KickStart

css frameworks for web design

One of the new entrants, HTML5 KickStart is a minimal design package of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that promises to save web designers hours of work.

  • UI components like stylish buttons and navigation bars
  • Scalable icons
  • Responsive grid layout
  • Touch-enabled slideshow components



css frameworks for web design


Unsemantic is a fluid grid system, successor to the 960 Grid System. It works similarly, but instead of being a set number of columns, it’s entirely based on percentages.



9 Best CSS Framework For Web designers & Developers
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