10 Useful Websites for Code Snippets

My today’s post is for those who are into web development and web design Services and regularly uses code snippets, which very essential for developers. As they save lot of time and hardwork. Well if you are in developing or designing field then you must know various sources of code snippets but if you don’t know then you can have a look at our list and use it as we are going to share a list of useful sites where developers can find useful code snippets.

If you know any other source which we have missed in this list then please share your resource with us. It will be useful for many developers. In the field of designing and developing since 2014 a rapid growth has been observed as the customers’ wants great work from us within a limited time period. Sometimes it’s really tough for us because we can’t write the whole code in limited time, which is where code snippets come handy.

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So have a look on  ”10 Useful Websites for Code Snippets”.

CSS Deck

Code Snippets

CSS Deck provides pure CSS snippets (only HTML and CSS). You can preview and view the code snippets used to create them simultaneously. You can post your own snippets, leave feedback, or browse for code for your own projects.

DZone Snippets

Code Snippets

DZone, a popular community site for developers. It includes a section for code snippets. You can add your own snippets and assign them tags. You can browse existing code snippets through the tags or by user.


Code Snippets

ByteMyCode is yet another code snippet repository. The categories include CSS, HTML, MySQL, Java, PHP, and just about anything else you could think of. You can browse by tag, recent snippets or popular snippets, or search by keyword.


Code Snippets

Ohloh is a code warehouse with nearly 2.5 billion lines of open source code available. One thing that makes Ohloh stand apart is its searching capabilities, you can search by class, method, interface, and more.


Code Snippets

Smipple is a community site where users share code snippets with others. You can submit a snippet using your Google account, and tag your favorite snippets for future use. You can browse popular and recent snippets.

PHP Snips

Code Snippets

PHP Snips is dedicated to provide PHP snippets. You can view popular snippets, the most recent snippets, or browse for specific snippets. You can also submit your own snippets to share on the site.



Code Snippets

CSS-Tricks is a popular blog and community site which includes a section for code snippets. The snippet categories include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, and .htaccess.  You can submit your own snippets in case you wish to contribute.


Code Snippets

Snipplr is an online warehouse of code snippets for HTML, CSS,  JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and more. You can view the snippets with or without an account, and you can submit your own code snippet.



Code Snippets

Krugle is a powerful code search engine that lets you search either code, projects, or comments. Filters are available to refine searches based on language or where the term appears.


Code Snippets

CodeCodex is a wiki-based code repository that lets members not only share code, but also improve code shared by others. It also lets users reorganize the library to make it more efficient and easier to find specific bits of code.

10 Useful Websites for Code Snippets
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