8 Best Karaoke Software for Mac & Windows

Music is inseparable part of many of us. Some like listening music other are also fond of singing. Music gives peace to mind and gives energy to forget tensions of day to day life. Do you really want to increase singing skills, and then follow our today’s post on Karaoke software. Karaoke Software helps you with the background score, while you can sing the song. It helps you in developing your talent in singing and enhancing the skills which will give you confidence in singing in front of everybody.

This software offer various features, like: can make and play karaoke in the full comfort of your home, works as a karaoke editor and karaoke player, plays a wide variety of karaoke file formats.

So start downloading the software which are suitable for Mac and windows and enjoy singing song and follow our post on “8 Best Karaoke Software for Mac & Windows”.



Qmidi V2.0

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QMidi is a MIDI/Karaoke player for the Macintosh. It can organize and play many types of media files, including movies and CD+G, and allows easy text and chords editing/synchronization. It features real time pitch shifting, time stretching and the ability to display karaoke and movie content in full screen mode, even on a second monitor.

Kmid V2.4.0

best karaoke software

KMid plays MIDI and karaoke files to hardware MIDI devices or software synthesizers. It supports playlists, MIDI mappers, tempo (speed), volume and pitch (transpose) controls and configurable character encoding, font and color for lyrics. The graphic views include a rhythm view (visual metronome), a channels window with solo/muting controls and instrument selectors, and a piano player window (Pianola).



best karaoke software

With TunePrompter you can create your own karaoke tunes. With its intuitive user interface, you can easily create and upload all your karaoke videos to your iPod, iPhone and Apple TV, or burn them to a disc. Another unique feature of TunePrompter is that it automatically searches for lyrics, a feature that will certainly save a lot of time.

MidiCo Karaoke Player and Maker

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Karaoke Player Organize and play many types of media files, including MDC (MidiCo File Format), KAR, MID, MP3, CDG and Zipped MP3+G. Complete control on midi tracks and professional rendering throw soundfonts. Display karaoke and movie content in full screen mode, even on a second monitor. Karaoke Maker MidiCo is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, You may syncronize, re-syncronize or modify text’s syncronization in few minutes. Advanced options allow you to insert credits screen, change font, display images, and more.




Karafun Player

best karaoke software

Karaoke Software comes with 20000 preloaded songs  in the cloud and it’s interface is very intuitive. You can create your own playlists with your favorite songs and videos. Karafun supports almost any extension you can even think of. To avail benefit of its full list of features, you have to pay a monthly subscription of $9.99.



best karaoke software

Walaoke is a free software for windows and its really easy to use. You can use your own video as background.



best karaoke software

With KaraokeKanta you can record song and voice synchronously, play MID and KAR karaoke formats, swap voices and make virtual bands, change the tone and speed of the song and lets you store and organize your songs into folders for easy search. You can get more high-tech features with it’s paid version.



best karaoke software

VanBasco’s Karaoke player is a freeware product for Windows that plays Karaoke and standard MIDI files. It provides you with a fully customizable karaoke window where you can change font, colors and background image. You can adjust tempo and volume, mute or play solo individual instruments.


8 Best Karaoke Software for Mac & Windows
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