15 Best Free Rounded Fonts

Today we are sharing free Rounded Fonts for our visitors in our font category. As a Professional we all know the importance of fonts. Selecting a suitable font for project is not a easy task because fonts can change the look of any website, poster, banner etc.

TGZ collect some best free Rounded fonts and create a list for you. You can choose any of them and use for your current or upcoming project.

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Thyeena Handwritten Font

Thyeena Handwritten Font

This font is good for design, t-shirt, logo, labels, posters and etc. Thyeena typeface include upper & lower case characters, and swash for combine your design.


Breathtaker Handwritten Typeface

Breathtaker Handwritten Typeface Free Font


 Sequel Sans Serif Font

 Sequel Sans Serif Font

It’s a great-looking font with a condensed look and will look perfect for a film poster or another large headline.


Static free font

Static free font

Static  is contemporary free font constructed with strong geometric forms in monospaced style. Applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos.



Dosis font

Dosis is a rounded sans-serif type family. It started with the Extra Light style, useful only at size 36pt or upm and the Extended Latin character set included many alternative characters.



sniglet font

A rounded display face that’s great for headlines.



Quicksand font

Quicksand is a display sans serif with rounded terminals.


HERO Free Font

HERO Free Font

HERO free font is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos.



fins font

Fins is a simple sans serif typeface that fits well with children-themed designs.


Softa font

Softa font

Softa, a puffy, playful rounded typography for headlines, titles, and numbers, short texts, and posters.



Round and Soft Typeface

Jellee is a fun sans-serif typeface with rounded edges and a soft overall look.



Goldana font

Goldana is a display layered font.


Rimbo Font

Rimbo Font

perfect for printed and web projects, especially focused on kids and cartoons.


Podriq Font

Podriq Font

A beautiful rounded yet professional font perfect for graphics, printed design and even web publications.


Smile Font

Smile: Free Adaptable Curvy Font

Perfect for logo design and its readability makes it cool to use in web projects.

15 Best Free Rounded Fonts
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