8 Useful Photoshop Tricks and Tips for Aspiring Visual Artists


Photoshop is really useful, but a sophisticated tool to use, yet if you are to be a good visual artist, you need to start mastering its features. Another important thing to remember is not to overuse Photoshop because you also need to preserve the important details of your initial work. You should use Photoshop in a way that does not compromise your genuine shots.

Useful Photoshop Tricks and Tips for Aspiring Visual Artists

Since Photoshop can be a tricky tool to use, we have decided to help out anyone who is a novice artist out there. In the following article, we will discuss Photoshop tricks and tips, which will aid you as you are struggling to master this complex program.


Control your panels

control your panels

You can find a small icon that reveals a fly-out menu, in the top right-hand corner of every panel. This menu grants you access to the additional options that you might not have interacted with or used so far. A useful option here is to use it to set your layer panel thumbnails.

You can alter thumbnail size and make it larger; you can crop to artwork and experiment even more. Make sure to check out this feature, because you will definitely find it useful.


Paste in Place

Using Photoshop usually means that you’ll be taking elements from more than one image and combining them into a unified new picture. So, ‘Paste’ is one of the functions that you will rely on quite frequently. To do this, you will usually go to the “Edit” menu and select “Copy, ” or you will only use shortcut keys, the well-known Ctrl+C for Windows, or Cmd+C for Mac users.

However, when you go to the document you wish to paste into, you can use the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V. This shortcut will prove very useful, so make sure you memorize it.


Paying attention to details

paying attention to details

You will definitely work at a high zoom level, considering how your images might need edge refinement or any other edits that might require a high-level precision.

Since you are working in a high zoom, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, which means you’ll need to zoom out frequently. This constant zooming in and out will make the whole process of editing really tiresome, but luckily there is a thing called the “Bird’s Eye View” feature.

It’s really simple to use: you press and hold the “H” button on the keyboard while the feature is on. You can use your mouse to zoom the image out of the bird’s eye view, but you can quickly return to it by releasing the “H” button. Once you release it, you will come back to the zoom level you left, which is a great thing to know if you need to view the bigger picture frequently.


Repeating transformations

If you have applied a particular change to a layer and needed to repeat it, you can also use a shortcut. To implement the same change to another layer or object, you can press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+T, and you will successfully repeat it on the currently active object or layer.


Visibility history

Visibility history

To avoid losing the layer visibility setting while you view or preview individual layers, you will need to use the “History Panel” options dialogue box. There is an option that enables history layer visibility, and you activate it by just checking the box.

When that is complete, you can use Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Z to go back; however, you’ll see that the layer changes will also be included within that history, which is pretty neat.


Meger vector shapes

For those who use Photoshop CS6, you have a great feature at your disposal, and that is to merge two vector shapes together. The best thing about this is that the results can be kept as an editable vector, which is why this is such an excellent addition to your Photoshop tricks and tips arsenal.

All you need to do is select two shape layers and press Ctrl/Cmd+E to merge those two selected items together. The previous version did not have this feature since the same action would have resulted in a rasterized layer, but CS6 really polished this option.


Photoshop Action Packs

Photoshop Action Packs

If you need to apply substantial edits to your images, you can see what kind of action packs Photoshop offers. Editing images can be really time-consuming, which is why many people who know how to work in Photoshop opt for outsourcing Photoshop services.

However, with action packs, you can add amazing edits in a few simple clicks, and you will feel like a Photoshop pro, even if you have barely mastered its basic features.

So, you can see the variety of different action packs there are and choose those that you like or need the most. There are those who can add the effect of fractured glass, those that can turn an image into a painting, or add a fiery aura around the object, along with a cool background, etc.


Photoshop Services

If you do not have enough time on your hands to learn how to use Photoshop services, or if you are not advancing at a pace you hoped you would, you can always outsource this part of the job.

It’s simple math. If it takes one hour to earn, let’s say $10 or $20, and it takes days for you to get good at Photoshop, then you are basically losing money because it is cheaper to find someone who already does this at a much faster pace for an acceptable price.

It doesn’t mean you need to give up on mastering this tool; it is only a temporary solution until you can efficiently do the same things on your own.

These were some of the useful tips to help you excel at Photoshop faster, and the rest is up to you, your creativity, and your determination.

8 Useful Photoshop Tricks and Tips for Aspiring Visual Artists
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