15 Popular Non Western Fonts for Your Project

In our design category at TGZ we have brought something different which includes the awesome collection non western fonts. These fonts look different and required by the blogs and websites of non western origin or purpose. As our international customers and visitors require these fonts regularly we have especially collected this stuff after an intensive search which is listed below. As we know its general problem faced by many that when translating a Microsoft Word document into non-Western languages such as Greek or Russian, the font in the target segment is corrupted when the segment closes. Certain fonts (such as Times New Roman) seem to work fine, while others (such as Arial or Courier New) will always be corrupted.

These ready to use fonts will help you make work easier. So follow our post on “15 Popular Non Western Fonts” and the grab the required non western fonts now.

Fenoon Typeface

non western fonts

Fenoon is an Arabic typeface, inspired by old Square Kufic script. It is particularly designed for visual identities, art events, displays and contemporary art projects.Typeface consists of three weights namely; Regular, Bold and Rounded.


Atyaaf Typeface

non western fonts

The font Atyaaf is based on seven parallel lines used in the formation of its alphabets. The seven lines are clearly seen when the letters are enlarged, and they are structured according to the standard directions of Arabic handwriting. When the letters are typed in small point size, the lines seem to be connected and the text will just look like any regular handwriting.


Round Sketch font

non western fonts

A cute handwritten textured style font.


LHF Ascribe

non western fonts

This useful Calligraphic set has an old-world Middle Eastern feel, but with enough simplicity to use in modern designs. Ascribe has the appearance found on ancient sacred writings, which makes it perfect for scroll text. Well balanced letters make for readable blocks of copy or headings. Set includes Regular & Distressed versions, and bonus alternates.


Birch Is Right Here

non western fonts

Birch is Right Here is a woodsy typeface with enough detail for each letter to stand on its own. The download contains both the detail and fill font files, and comes with 75 custom glyphs. Not to mention tally mark counting method glyphs!

Note: The typeface contains only uppercase letters. Both an outlined vector eps file and the font .ttf files are included.



non western fonts

Very easy to edit. Install fonts open the files and play around.



non western fonts



Hotel ( 6 font files )

non western fonts

Retro font. Great for tattoo art, logo, tee-shirts and etc.



non western fonts

A suitable font for your next rave or soup label. This font is great for all your marketing needs. Great for your promo materials. Everyone will be like whoa.



non western fonts

Great grungy font inspired by San Francisco and Helevetica. A great font for everything from logos to experimental indie band album covers.



non western fonts

This is a trippy spiral font. Really great on posters and logos.


Money font+4arts+2patterns cs3+

non western fonts

Very easy to edit. Just install fonts, open the arts and play.


1350 Primitive Russian PRO OTF

non western fonts

This rough font was inspired by a Russian Cyrillic hand of the 1350s “Russkaja Pravda” (a Russian text of common Laws). As a Pro font, it supports Western and Northern European, Icelandic, Baltic, Eastern, Central European and Turkish specific characters, as well as Old Russian glyphs, including many which fell out of use in the 1700s, except in religious texts — in all over 136 Russian glyphs. The upper and lower case have the same form and almost same size, like in the original texts, which had only one size and style.


1985 Marker

non western fonts

1985 Marker is a fun font when you need text to look like it was quickly written with a Sharpie. Kerning and spacing is custom set to show slight imperfections when writing by hand with a marker. There are 3 different styles and extra custom characters such as smiley faces and pen scratch outs.


Super Funny font

non western fonts



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