25 Fresh Photoshop Actions for Designers

Photo or image enhancer is here again in form of Photoshop actions list of our post today.  It allows designers and photographers to automate common sequences for increased efficiency. These actions will apply additional effects to your image. It is sequential series of tasks which can be easily applied to the images. These Photoshop actions

30+ Impressive Business Icons/Icon Sets

The business icon sets comes in various styles and ways. We at TGZ decided to share the best business icon sets this week. Icon sets adds charm of the website. You can use these shared icon sets in business applications and website designs related to your business. The popularity of these icons sets is worth

45 Latest Beautiful Serif Fonts For Your Project

Serif fonts are the more delicate and high-contrast designs. These serif fonts go hand in hand with high resolution display rather than low resolution. Thereby with the advancement of resolution these fonts are also having increase in their demands. These serif fonts will look stunning and will make your content look attractive. Serif fonts are

25+ Best Non Profit HTML Website Templates

Non profitable websites like that of church, NGO or some other charitable venture are good ways to spread happiness on other people’s face and around us. Templates requirement for non profitable websites and blog are designed exactly for you. These templates are updated and recent one which is presented in a responsive manner, with a

15 Best Free Online Font Generators

Fonts are very critical for any content or title based projects. There are various kinds and types of fonts available in the market. Utility of Fonts is not concise to word documents rather spreaded all over the internet and is being used in Logo Designing, Graphic designing, Web Designing, etc As fonts play a vital

26 Best Illustrator Tutorials – June 2016

Now create stunning illustrations with our post on best illustrator tutorials. These tutorials will make the task easier for you. These are the piece of informative info graphics or artful type. These illustrator tutorials will definitely inspire your work. When it comes in creating premier vector graphics and elements these illustrator tutorials will prove as

40+ Fresh Sans Serif Fonts – June 2016

Sans serif fonts are part of our today’s post as these beautiful collections on sans serif fonts June 2016 is the fresh and updated one. These sans serif fonts are going to prove to be an immense help to our visitors in their respective projects. The fonts are versatile and be used in various projects.

25 Beautiful CD & DVD Artwork Templates

Our today’s post is on CD and DVD case display visual. This post includes list on templates related to CD or DVD covers. For designing the cover templates yourself you must be a master in Photoshop and several other things, which is not possible with everyone. Templates to CD/ DVD are the best way to

30+ Fresh Script Fonts – June 2016

If you are looking for wonderful amazing script fonts then your hunt ends with our today’s post. Script fonts are very popular these days on internet. Everybody tries to use them on their website and blogs which increases the look ten folds. We have collected the best among the best script fonts present on web.

20+ Best Free WordPress Themes – June 2016

WordPress themes provide perfect platform for displaying content in presentable manner. We are sharing the best wordPress themes for the month of June. These are updated themes and most popular on internet. With the ultimate look of the shared themes also provide great functionality which is unique in them. Themes with simple layout designs and