25 Best Free Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Hello! Blogger friends, we have brought our today’s post on some chrome extensions. These extensions will help to conduct your work at ease. As we all know about Google chrome which is widely used and you might be familiar with google chrome extensions. Google offers an extension for Google Chrome Save to Google Drive that allows users to

30+ Fresh and Impressive Handmade Fonts – May 2016

You might have encountered different types of fonts. The experience of using different kinds of fonts would have always been unique every time. The next journey of fonts this time includes the handmade fonts. We have collected the best collection on handmade fonts in this post. The grace of these fonts is unique and eye

55+ Best and Impressive Icons/ Icon Sets

Icons are inseparable part if you are constructing any new website, a new app, or a dashboard. An icon is a small, but critically important detail that defines the aesthetic look of the whole website design. Icons are packages of huge information stored in small space. Icons are very responsive and attractive which creates a

50 Best Free Photoshop Text Styles & Effects

Text in beautiful styles gives life to the content. Styles are essentially preconfigured combinations of Photoshop Layer Styles which are used for creating astonishing text effects. Our today’s post includes some wonderful PSD/Photoshop text effects and styles which are readily available by just click of a button. This collection will help you add text styles

30 Useful CSS and JavaScript Snippets

As we know CSS and JavaScript are most important languages for developers. Now-a-days nobody does coding manually and the snippet codes helps in conducting the task easily. Snippet codes are essential for designers and developers as it enhances the creativity by manifolds also in very less time. These Snippets codes can easily speed up your

50+ Best and Impressive Business Card Templates

Templates is a type of pre-formatted file which serves as starting point for new document or file. The nature of templates is to make task easier. Transforming the time consuming, hectic designing of Business card to easy and time saving process we are sharing best business card templates. Our lists on business card templates will

29 Best HTML eCommerce Website Templates

Electronic commerce or eCommerce is the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services using internet. eCommerce also includes different technological features like commerce, electronic, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange(EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. This era highly demands eCommerce platform for buying and selling products. After analyzing the importance of

30+ Best and Popular jQuery Plugins -April 2016

jQuery is very popular and has incredible contribution in making web designing faster, easier and more accessible. You can save time and effort with our new collection of jQuery plugins in our today’s post and enjoy the fun of web designing. As jQuery plugins is a great contribution of web developers around the world. The

65 Best and Impressive Resume Templates 2016

Planning to apply for a new job? The first thing which you will need is a resume. Creating a resume is both time consuming and challenging. The impression of professional resume greatly depends on the layout. The perfection of the resume is achievable by our today’s post which is on resume templates. These templates for

30+ Best Free and Premium Business WordPress Themes

stunning and powerful websites have been a powerful marketing tool for promoting business. The online website marketing can be improved at every step as there are frequent updates available in style and features of various aspect of a website. One such important and inseparable aspect of websites are the themes. We have brought an updated